Chestnut gelding, *2001
by Mr. Blue-Fleur du Manoir



From the very first moment Bluebuster fit to me like we had always been a pair. Unfortunately, he didn't stay with me for long, which I understood as a tip to enjoy the moment. 

Bluebuster was injured for quite some time and I was supposed to bring him back into the sport. So we were able to enjoy quite a few successes together. I really liked Bluebuster and deeply regretted that I was unable to continue riding him. However, I am happy that he is doing so well. 


7. Pl. 1,45 m competition in Donetsk/UKR
4. Pl. 1,45 m competition in Donetsk/UKR
5. Pl. Grand Prix in Wien/AUT
5. Pl. Grand Prix in Oslo/NOR
5. Pl. Grand Prix in Hannover
5. Pl. 1,50 m competition in München
5. Pl. 1,50 m competition in Verona/ITA
3. Pl. 1,55 m competition in Verona/ITA
3. Pl. 1,45-1,50 m competition in Abu Dhabi/UAE